Meet Our Characters


Bayou Princess

This princess is the life of every party! She brings fun, motivation, and empowerment with her everywhere she goes! This chef of a princess worked hard for her dreams to come true! She went from waitressing to owning her own restaurant and gifting her very lucky Prince with her love.


The Little Mermaid

This fin-tastic princess is so excited to be Part of Your World! She has nothing but wonder and curiosity for the human world. Even though she's been here a while, she is learning new things every day! Invite this flipper-istic royal to your party, and she may even show you how to brush your hair with a dingle-hopper!


The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen, The Fifth Spirit, Spirit of the Forest, Your Highness, Monster. All names for this regal being. The Snow Queen can liven up any party by belting out her well-known songs while everyone dances! (Excluding her... she doesn't dance you know, that's more of her sister's thing.) If you ask nicely, The Snow Queen will even show you some of her Ice Magic! If she's invited to your party, your guests will have a hard time "Letting it go" when she leaves.


The Ice Princess

This fiery redhead is an empowered princess to boot! She has worked hard to become the strong woman that she is- and fought hard for everything she has. The Ice Princess loves to build snowmen with her big sister The Snow Queen, and will even sing you a song about it! She loves to dance and will make sure that every party you invite her to is the most fun party you will ever have!


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