Bat Hero

Here to save the day! Invite him to your party to create a scene and work together to solve crime.

Super Hero

This hero is more than just super! Knowledgable and charming, you'll want him to share all of his stories!

American Hero

The Captain can make an appearance at your next big event! He's always a hit - ready for action at every turn!

Wonderful Woman

Strong and brave, this hero loves to share how to work hard and overcome obstacles!

Super Gal

A brave icon to look up to, this hero connects well with kids of all ages! She has multiple adventures to share!

Captain Marvelous

This brave & heroine is ready whenever you call. From adventurous play to stories of her travels across the galaxy!


Don't forget to invite your friendly neighborhood Spider-Guy! His jokes are sure to get the party started!

Black Panther

This stoic hero has tales of his land to share! Many that have you wondering, what kind of leader will you be?

Iron Hero

Tough as nails - literally - our Iron Hero comes with a fully functional suit all the kids will be amazed by!


Who wouldn't want FOUR heroes at their party? Sign up for this crime fighting group to make quite the entrance!


Hero Like Me

details coming soon

Hero & Princess Parties

Follow the Fairytales

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