Meet Our Characters

Princess Tiana, Omaha Nebraska

Bayou Princess

Your favorite singing, cooking, and driven princess. She encourages hard work and reaching for your dreams!


This strategic princess is one to help make the most of any situation! Invite her to your party to create a great time!



This bookworm is loads of fun to have at any party! She will read a story, sing songs, and teach you how to dance!



We call her a princess, but she is actually a Village Chief! She is sure to bring adventure to every party!


Snow Queen

This strong and brave spirit loves to belt out in song and teach about fear and how to overcome it!



A classic fairytale brought to life! Kindness is her key trait, as well as her lovely glass slippers!

Sleeping Beauty

This princess can overcome anything! She encourages studying, helping others, and sharing love with everyone!


Ice Princess

Your favorite determined redhead! The Ice Princess will be thrilled to be at each of your events! 

Prince Charming

The Prince of your dreams! The only thing Charming loves more than dancing, is Cinderella!


Arabian Nights

This adventurous princess is full of surprises! Strong and savvy, she is sure to bring a few tricks up her sleeve. 


The Little Mermaid

This curious little mermaid will be the life of the party! She'll have so many questions for you about the human world!

Princess Like Me

details coming soon

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